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Pan-European Automotive Roadshow

We were appointed by Dream Marketing International Ltd. to undertake a Pan-European Automotive roadshow, taking place in our Expandable Trailer, travelling from the UK to Belgium and 13 locations throughout Germany over 20 days, covering approx 3,500 miles.

The month long tour allowed 24 major suppliers to the Automotive Industry the opportunity to take a booth inside our state of the art expandable trailer to showcase their new products and technological innovations in front of a receptive audience where access as an individual would be difficult to obtain.

From arrival on site set up is completed within less than one hour with hydraulic systems to manoeuvre the trailer from ‘tour’ status into the innovative exhibition environment. The trailer has been uniquely designed to need only a single person operation and all displays and furniture travel within the unit ready to be unpacked upon arrival.

The tour fully subscribed with exhibitors and more mobile exhibitions are planned to take place in throughout 2011 and 2012. This is a cost effective way for exhibitors to cover a whole industry in a short space of time and is more environmentally friendly than those same visitors all travelling to a venue.